PyQt Program To Add Remove Clear Items From List

By | September 21, 2023

PyQt Program To Add Remove Clear Items From List –

PyQt Program To Add Remove Clear Items from List

PyQt Program To Add Remove Clear Items from List

Source Code

import sys
from PyQt5.QtWidgets import QApplication, QWidget, QVBoxLayout, QHBoxLayout, QPushButton, QLineEdit, QListWidget, QLabel

class FruitListApp(QWidget):
    def __init__(self):


    def initUI(self):
        self.setWindowTitle('Fruit List')
        self.setGeometry(100, 100, 400, 300)

        self.fruit_list = QListWidget(self)

        self.add_button = QPushButton('Add Fruit', self)
        self.remove_button = QPushButton('Remove Fruit', self)
        self.clear_button = QPushButton('Clear List', self)
        self.name_input = QLineEdit(self)
        self.name_label = QLabel('Fruit Name:', self)


        vbox = QVBoxLayout()
        hbox = QHBoxLayout()




    def addFruit(self):
        fruit_name = self.name_input.text()
        if fruit_name:

    def removeFruit(self):
        selected_item = self.fruit_list.currentItem()
        if selected_item:

    def clearList(self):

def main():
    app = QApplication(sys.argv)
    ex = FruitListApp()

if __name__ == '__main__':

In the PyQt program provided, a QListWidget widget is used to display and manage a list of items (in this case, the names of fruits). Here, I’ll explain the QListWidget methods and properties that are used in the application:

  1. QListWidget:
    • self.fruit_list = QListWidget(self): This line creates an instance of the QListWidget class, which is used to display the list of fruits. It is added to the main window (self) as a child widget.
  2. QListWidget Methods:
    • addItem(text): The addItem method is used to add an item to the list. In this case, it’s used to add the names of fruits to the QListWidget when the “Add Fruit” button is clicked.
    • takeItem(row): The takeItem method is used to remove an item from the list. It takes the row index of the item to be removed as an argument. In this application, it’s used when the “Remove Fruit” button is clicked to remove the selected fruit from the list.
    • clear(): The clear method removes all items from the list. It’s used when the “Clear List” button is clicked to clear all the fruit names from the QListWidget.
  3. QListWidget Properties:
    • currentItem(): This property returns the currently selected item in the list. It’s used to determine which item is selected when the “Remove Fruit” button is clicked.
    • row(item): This property returns the row index of the given item in the list. It’s used to identify the row of the selected item when removing it.
    • addItem(text), takeItem(row), and clear() methods are used in conjunction with these properties to add, remove, and clear items in the QListWidget.

The QListWidget widget provides a convenient way to work with lists of items in PyQt applications. You can add, remove, and manipulate items as needed, as demonstrated in this example.


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