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Python Different Counts in String

Python Different Counts in String – Python program to count uppercase letters, lower case letters, vowels, consonants and spaces in the given string.   #Python program to count upper case letters, lower case letters #vowels, consonants and spaces in a string uppercase=0 lowercase=0 vowels=0 consonants=0 spaces=0 string=input(“Enter a String: “) for ch in string: if… Read More »


Python Program Check Positive Number

Python Program Check Positive Number – Write a Python program to input a number and check whether the given number is positive, negative or zero. Use Python if-elif-else construct. Python Program Check Positive, Negative or Zero Number # Python program to check a number # for positive, negative or zero num = int(input(‘Enter a number:… Read More »


Python Square Root Program

Python Square Root Program – Write a Python Program To find Square root of a number. Three Python programs to find square root of a number using Python. Code of Python Square Root Programs Program 1:Use Exponentiation Operator Exponentiation Operator ** in Python is used to raise the first operand/number to power of second number.… Read More »