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Using Pointers With Array Input Output

Using Pointers With Array Input Output – Write a C program to input and output n elements in a one dimensional array.   Using Pointers With Array Input Output – C Program #include <stdio.h> int main() { int a[50], i,n; int *ptr; printf(“\n C Pointer Progrmming Examples:”); printf(“\n Input and output numbers in One Dimensional… Read More »

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Understanding C Pointers

Understanding C Pointers – will give you a deep understanding of pointer concept in C programming language. What is a Pointer in C? A Pointer is a special variable that can hold the memory address of another variable. We will use the reference operator ( & ) to store memory address in a pointer variable.… Read More »

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Using Pointers Add Numbers

Pointers in C Language: Program To Add Two Numbers Using Pointers   #include <stdio.h> int main() { int num1, num2, *ptr1, *ptr2, sum; printf(“\n\n Pointers in C : Program to Add two numbers :\n”); printf(“————————————————-\n”); printf(” Enter the first number : “); scanf(“%d”, &num1); printf(” Enter the second number : “); scanf(“%d”, &num2); ptr1 =… Read More »

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Python Identifiers Naming Conventions

Today we shall discuss “Python Identifiers and Naming Conventions”. Python Identifiers A Python identifier is the name of a variable, function, class, module, or other object. We can say that Python Identifier is the name we use to identify a variable, function, class, module or other object in a Python program / script. We use… Read More »

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