Pointer Program Maximum Array Number

By | March 6, 2024

Pointer Program Maximum Array Number: Write a C++ program to input 5 numbers in array. Find maximum number in array using pointer notation.

Find Maximum number in array using pointer

Find Maximum number in array using pointer

Source Code Pointer Program Maximum Array Number

Let’s go through the C++ program line by line:

#include <iostream>
This line includes the standard input-output stream library, which provides functionalities for input and output operations.

using namespace std;
This line declares that all the entities in the standard namespace std will be used in this program, so we don’t need to prefix them with std::.

int main()
This is the starting point of the program. main() is the entry point for all C++ programs, where execution begins.

int *p, i, max, a[5];
This line declares four variables:

p: a pointer to an integer
i: an integer used as a loop counter
max: an integer to store the maximum value
a[5]: an array of integers to store 5 values

for(i=0; i<5; i++)
cout << “Enter number=”;
cin >> a[i];
This loop iterates five times, prompting the user to enter a number each time and storing it in the a array.

p = a;
max = *p;
Here, the pointer p is assigned the address of the first element of the array a, and the variable max is initialized with the value at that address.

for(i=0; i<5; i++)
if(*p > max)
max = *p;
This loop iterates over each element of the array a using the pointer p. If the value pointed to by p is greater than max, max is updated with that value. Then, the pointer p is incremented to point to the next element.

cout << “Maximum=” << max;
Finally, the maximum value stored in max is printed to the console.

return 0;
This statement indicates that the program has executed successfully and is returning a status code of 0 to the operating system. It’s a convention to return 0 from main() to indicate success.


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