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Python Program Quadratic Equation Roots

Task: Python Program Quadratic Equation Roots, Solution of Quadratic equation, Find roots of quadratic equation. How This Program Works This program uses cmath module and sqrt() builtin function to find the roots of the given quadratic equation when the coefficients a,b and c are given. The popular quadratic equation formula for solving it is as… Read More »


Python Convert Decimal to Binary Octal Hexadecimal

Task: Python Convert Decimal to Binary Octal Hexadecimal How this Program Works? This Python program will perform number convertion using builtin Python functions. It uses builtin Python functions for number system conversion: bin(int_number) oct(int_number) hex(int_number) Python bin() Function The Python bin() function converts an integer number to a binary string prefixed with 0b . For… Read More »


Python Simple Calculator Program

Python Simple Calculator Program demonstrates a four function basic calculator. This Python program provides the functionalities of:  Addition  Subtraction  Multiplication and  Division of two numbers. Code for Simple Calculator Program # This is a simple Python program # to design a simple 4 function # calculator using if -elif- else # define functions def add(x,… Read More »