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Topic: Learn C Programming Language

How to Learn C Language Programming?

This C language Programming Tutorial is meant to help the reader learn how to program in C. It contains a short and concise tutorial introduction to get new users started as soon as possible.

Introduction To C Programming Language

C is a general-purpose high-level programming language. The C Language was developed by Dennice Ritchie at AT&T Bell Labs in 1972. C was originally designed for and implemented on the UNIX operating system on the DEC PDP-11, by Dennis Ritchie.

The Basic Structure of C Program Hello World

 #include <stdio.h> 
   printf("Hello World"); 

How This Program Works?

1. include information about standard library header file stdio.h
2. define a function called main that received no arguments.
3. statements of main are enclosed in braces { }
4. main calls library function printf( ) to print this sequence of characters ‘Hello World’ on the screen
5. Some of the C compilers like Turbo C need a last statement like getch(); or getche(); to be used to stay the output screen until the user presses a character (key). Actually getch() or getche() are used to input a character. Hence the C program will wait for the user input. As soon as the user will press a character (key) from the keyboard, the program will terminate and the output window is closed.

The first C program – Printing “Hello World”

  • The first line is a preprocessor directive to include a header file because we have used printf()
  • The second line of code is the header of a function main() which is the starting point of our C program.
  • The third line is an opening brace {. The statements of a function are enclosed in braces { }.
  • Fourth line is a call to printf() function. Theerefore, the function main contains only one statement, that is printf(“Hello World”);
    The printf( ) function will display the string Hello World on the screen.
  • The last line of code is a closing brace }, to indicate the end of C program.

C Programming – Good collection of c programs

Here is a list of C Programming Topics or Categories.  There will be a lot of C Programs to be added under these  Categories or Topics.

C Programming Example Programs With Tutorials on Learning C

C Programming Example Programs With Tutorials on Learning C

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