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C ++ Program Alphabet Triangle Pattern

C Plus Plus Program Alphabet Triangle Pattern Task: Write down a C++ Program to display Alphabet Triangle Pattern. The user will enter the height of triangle. Then the program will show a right angle triangle of alphabets in Capital letters. How Alphbets Triangle Program Works This program uses nested for loops to display the required… Read More »


C Program to Find Smallest Number in Array

Q: Write a C Program to Find Smallest Number in Array The Basic Logic of Smallest Number in Array Program First of all the user will input any 5 numbers in array. The program assumes that the first number is minimum number min = numArray[0]; This C program uses a for loop to get each… Read More »


Fibonacci Program in C Programming

What is Fibonacci Sequence Explain Fibonacci Series What are Fibonacci Numbers This program with title “Fibonacci Program in C Programming” is based on a special series in mathematics. The Fibonacci sequence is a series of numbers starting from first two numbers 0 and 1 by definition. Then every other number is the sum of  previous… Read More »