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By | June 9, 2019

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1. Basic C Programs

Here is a bunch of basic programs to start learning programming skills. These are mostly simple formula calculation programs. In such basic programs, we learn to use expressions, asignment statement and basic input / output statements.

2. Conditional C Programs

The conditional Logic is very important for beginner programmers. Here we will learn the use of if statement, if-else statement, if-else-if statement, nested if statement and switch statemnt.

3. Loop C Program

The C anguage Provides three types of loops. These looping statements are used to execute a set or block of statements as long as a given condition is satisfied.

There are three types of loops in C Programming:
for Loop
while Loop
do-while Loop

4. Array C Programs

The arrays in C programming are very important to handle a group of data of same type. For example, if we wish to calculate average temprature of the city for the whole month of March, we will  use an array of 31 float numbers.

5. Matrix ( Two dimentional array ) C Programs

A Matrix is a two dimentional array.  In C language programs, we can use a matrix to manipulate data in tables that is in rows and columns. The following are some of the programs solved using matrix – 2D array.

6. Star Pattern Programs / Pyramids

7. Numbers Pattern Programs / Pyramids

8. Alphabets Patterns C Programs

9. String C Programs

10. Recursion and C Function Programs

11. Searching and Sorting  C Programs

The searching problems are very important area of coding in any programming language. In this C language tutorial and the solved exeecises of c programming, the Linear search algorithm and The binary search algorithm is the most important. You will find these programs in the following C Programming section.

Sorting a list of numbers either in ascending order or in descending order is another poular programming technique. Here are five the most popular sorting programs in C Language witheasy logic.

12. File C Programs

The files are important to store data created and manipulated by C programs, permanently on the disk. Especiallly, storing records in a file is one of the most challenging programming assignments in computer programming.

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