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Inventors of Popular Operating Systems With Programming Languages Used

Inventors of Popular Operating Systems With Programming Languages Used – The development of complex operating systems like Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, and iOS involves large teams of developers, and it’s not feasible to attribute them to single individuals. Additionally, these projects use a variety of programming languages for different components. Here’s an overview: Windows: Developed by… Read More »


Functions of Operating System

The following functions are performed by Operating System: Process Management CPU can perform one task at one time. If there are many tasks, operating system decides which task should get the CPU first. This function involves managing and controlling multiple processes or tasks running on the computer’s CPU (Central Processing Unit). The operating system decides… Read More »


Differences Between DOS and Windows

DOS (Disk Operating System) and Windows are both operating systems, but they are quite different in terms of their history, functionality, user interfaces, and capabilities. Here are the key differences between DOS and Windows: User Interface: DOS: DOS primarily uses a command-line interface (CLI) where users need to type text-based commands to perform tasks. It… Read More »