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Using Call by Reference Swap Numbers

Using Call by Reference Swap Numbers – Write a C program to swap two values by call by reference method of parameter passing. Program for Passing Parameters – Call By Reference #include <stdio.h> void swap2numbers(int *n1, int *n2); int main() { int num1,num2; printf(“\n\n Using C Pointers : Swap Numbers Using Call by Reference :\n”);… Read More »


Complete Prime Checker Function

“Complete Prime Checker Function” is a C program using functions in C programming language. Prime checker program will use an isPrime() function to check whether the given number is prime or not. isprime() function will take an integer parameter. It will return 1 or zero. isPrime() function will return 1 if the given number is… Read More »


Function Cube of Number in C Programming

“Function Cube of Number in C Programming” is a C programming language program. It uses a user defined function that receives a parameter number n. It then computes and returns cube of that number. The following image shows the source code of the programmer defined function cube() and output of this C program. The source… Read More »