Multiplication Table Function C Programming

By | June 21, 2019

“Multiplication Table Function C Programming” is a C program related to the use of Functions in C Programming. The following figure will show the output and source code of Multiplication table function.

Multiplication Table Function in C Programming

Multiplication Table Function in C Programming

The source code of C program to print table by using a function is as follows:

Write a C program to use a function void table(int n)
that receives one number and prints its multipication
table on screen.
void table(int n); /*function prototype or declaration*/
int main()
   int num1,c;
   /* Enter one number in main() */
   printf("Enter a number to print Table=");
   scanf("%d", &num1);
   /* call the function by sending one number */
   return 0;  
/* wrtite down function definition */

void table(int n)
	int c;
	printf("Multiplication Table of %d is:",n);
	printf("\n %d * %d  =  %d",n,c,n*c);

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