Creating New Box class in Java

By | October 13, 2019

Task: Write a Java program to create a new Box class in Java. Use three instance variables width, height and depth of type double. Write down two constructors. Default ( no-arg )constructor will intialize the Box class objects with 0.0 value for all instance variables. A parameterized constructor will be used to intialize the object with different values.

Creating a new class BOX in Java

Creating a new class BOX in Java

Write down a method called volume() that will calculate and show the volume of the box.

Write down a main class to use this Box class. Create some objects of Box class and show the functionality.

Java Source code for designing and using a new class Box

  Write a Java program to create a new Box class in Java.
package boxdemo;
 * @author
class Box {
private double width;
private double height;
private double depth;
public Box() {
public Box(double w,double h,double d) {
public void volume() {
System.out.println("Volume ="+(width*height*depth));
public class BoxDemo {
public static void main(String[] args) {
Box myBox1=new Box();
Box myBox2=new Box(10,15,20);

Output of the Java program to create new class Box

Volume =0.0
Volume =3000.0

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